• Jason Robert Karns
  • age of 39
  • born in Dayton, OH
  • resides in Columbus, OH
  • enjoys Waterskiing & Golf


  • The Ohio State University
  • 2002 - 2007
  • College: College of Engineering [ Honors ]
  • Major: Computer Science & Engineering
  • Specialization: Software Systems
  • Minor: Business Administration

Personal Statement

I have been working with computers ever since my father brought home an Intel 486 when I was in elementary school. I remember trying to learn how to use the darn thing with PC Tools and DOS until we upgraded to Windows 95. From then on, I spent my time learning as much as I could about computers.

It wasn't until my dad installed our first modem that I became completely enamored with the internet as I watched him play chess with a friend who lived miles away. By the time I entered junior high school, I had begun learning HTML and developing personal websites for friends and family. Through high school I expanded my web development skills working on these websites.

When I enrolled in college at The Ohio State University, I knew I wanted to do something with computers and engineering, but I wasn't sure what. Freshman year I was involved in the Fundamentals of Engineering for Honors program. The year-long program culminated in a spring robot design competition where four freshmen engineering students would design, build, test, and complete a fully autonomous robot. I was the lead programmer of the control code for my team's robot and I learned not only how to program a robot, but that programming was what I wanted to do after college.

Ever since freshman year I have been pushing the boundaries of my programming skills both as a software programmer and a web developer. In class I learned C, C++ and Java and would apply the material taught in class (such as modular, component, and object-oriented programming) to my personal projects outside of class.

During this time, I began to learn about web standards, industry best practices in accessibility and usability, and the future technologies of the web. I taught myself XHTML, CSS and JavaScript (DOM Scripting) and began learning about XML and web services. With my programming skills I taught myself PHP and SQL and began creating dynamic, database-driven websites.

With my programming background and experience, desire and interest in new web technologies I can develop rich, cutting-edge internet applications that will enhance one's online presence. With my experience in accessibility, usability, and practice of web standards I can add value to a website or web application. Programming is what I do. Web development is what I enjoy.