3AM Productions is located in the heart of Columbus, OH. We are a detail oriented firm that works hard to bring you solutions that incorporate the latest in web technology to provide the most efficient results.

We understand that small companies who are looking towards the internet did not get into business to create and maintain a web site. Let us, here at 3AM Productions, take that responsibility off your shoulders so you can get back to doing what you got in business to do.

All About 3AM Productions

3AM Productions officially began in the spring of 2005. Shortly before then, Jason Karns had been creating and maintaining sites for various people while persuing his degree in Computer Science & Engineering and Gilbert Velasquez had designed and created a few sites while pursuing his degree in Information Systems. The two of them would constantly confer with each other about various issues in which the other had more experience. It quickly became clear that by working together to make web sites, they could be much more prosperous than apart. In that moment, 3AM Productions was born.

Since then, 3AM Productions has worked hard to add more and more projects to its portfolio. They were constantly taking on projects for little or no compensation in order to build a name and reputation for themselves, while gaining real world experience in the process. The product of this work is now the company you see before you.

3AM Productions is focused on creating web sites that satisfy all your needs and accomplish one simple goal: The web site must truly reflect YOU. We feel that you are unique and that should be reflected in your site. We firmly believe that the site we can make for you would not work for anyone else. We work hard to make sure every letter, every image and every detail represent you in every way. Your web site is your representation to the world. At 3AM Productions, we take that very seriously and create a site that fulfills that goal.

We sincerely hope you like what you see here and will consider us for your next web development project. If you would like any more information or would like to contact us for any reason, please feel free to get in touch with us.